Helpful Information

Navigating the maze of website development options and Internet service companies can be daunting for small businesses.  The electronic media industry has a large cadre of talented and experienced professionals that offer excellent services.  But like any industry that provides service to small business and individuals who may not be fluent in the standards and language of the industry, there also exist a large number of individuals and firms that take advantage of companies and small business people. 

Advances in website development tools have also lowered the bar for individuals wanting to start Website Development and Hosting companies.  Because of this, some website design and development companies may appear to be far more experienced or knowledgeable then they really are.

Hookset Media has put together this Helpful Information section to help small business owners understand what to look for when their need for a new website leads them on a search for a website design partner.

Here is a series of articles to help become an educated consumer of website development and hosting services:

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