Hookset Media Website Design and Development Process

This outlines the general website development process followed at Hookset Media.  The process will vary somewhat based on our client’s needs, accessibility and interactions.

Website Development steps:

  • Define Website Requirements, Mission and Goal
  • Develop Site Map & Architecture
  • Content Development & Copy Writing
  • Conceptual Designs
  • Prototype Development
  • Site Development
  • Alpha Testing
  • Beta Testing & Refinements
  • Website Launch

Define Website Requirements, Mission and Goal - Defining the purpose of the website will guide the entire development process and save both time and money by minimizing development of concepts outside of our purpose.  We take our experience in the business and mesh it with your goals, requirements and budget to focus the website development on a definitive goal.

Develop Site Map & Architecture - Site Map and Architecture development gives us a framework from which to build an efficient and standard compliant site.  It tells us the pages that will be needed and a visualization of the link structure which will need to be accommodated by the design team.  This will also give you a guide to content that needs to be generated and pictures and graphic files that need to be gathered or developed.

Content Development & Copy Writing - Website content includes both text and images (photos and graphics).  Development of content should begin as soon as the basic architecture of the site has been finalized.  Timely delivery of your website content insures the site is developed in a timely manner.

Conceptual Designs - Typically, a couple of conceptual designs will be developed and presented to you to determine your preferences and insure we display your individuality.  These should include several styles and color combinations.

Prototype Development - After evaluating the conceptual designs, we will take the design style and combine it with your color preferences to create a prototype of your new site.  This puts the skin on the architectural framework we created previously.  With the prototype we develop the primary flow and look to your pages.

Site Development - Once a prototype is approved, we begin development of the site.  This includes creation of the various pages, site maps, link structure, and script development.  We will be incorporating your graphics and photos into the pages and setting off sections for the content that is being developed.

Alpha Testing - Once the site is fully developed, we begin the alpha test process which is our in-house testing.  We will look for a variety of things such as spelling and grammatical errors, broken links, ease of navigation, and confirm the mission and purpose of the site has been adequately followed.  Additionally, we will do cross browser compatibility tests with several browsers including FireFox, Chrome, and different versions of Internet Explorer.

Beta Testing & Refinements - We will them move the site to our password protected development servers for your viewing.  This begins the beta portions of development.  In this phase, we encourage you to thoroughly challenge the site, by reading, following links, and submitting forms.  Review your mission and determine whether it has been met.  Pass the link to your employees, colleagues or friends for feedback.  We will be continuing with our own testing.

Website Launch - After changes or corrections generated by the beta tests have been completed, we move your site to the World Wide Web.  We submit the site to major search engines and directories and conduct other basic SEO functions to get you started in the right direction.  For the next 60 days, you will be able to make minor changes and fix errors at no charge.

Contact Hookset Media today to put this process in gear for your new website design project!