Things to Consider When Hiring a Website Designer

With so many website designers available with wide ranging pricing and options, how does a company decide?!

Here are a few things to consider:

Does Your Designer Understand The Purpose Of Your Website?

A large number of website “designers” in the Corpus Christi area discovered they could take Wordpress, buy a few templates and voila, they could offer website design.  While their clients end up with attractive websites, the sites fail to achieve the purpose of having a website.  They either get no traffic or the traffic doesn’t convert to a meaningful action like contacting the business.

A qualified website designer understands the flow necessary to move website visitors through the website to actions that their client is trying to achieve.

Does Your Designer Understand Your Business?

Understanding your business and what your customers are looking for is essential to creating an effective website.  Often a website designer will impressively talk about user experience, user interfaces, search engine optimization and other industry catch phrases, but if they can’t translate that to meaningful techniques that directly reflect your business and create the interactions you need with your customers, you will end up with a pretty website that doesn’t perform.

Your website is just one of your marketing tools and should reflect the overall message of your business.  While on the surface, it is an information source, the primary function should be to guide visitors to engage with your business.  That may include submitting a contact form or making an online purchase, but may be as simple as making a phone call or getting directions to your business.

Graphics Are Great, But Words Matter!

A beautifully designed website with glowing graphics and superb curb appeal is a complete failure if it says nothing and doesn’t motivate your visitors to any actions.  Conversely, a very basic site that has good content that answers visitors’ questions and moves them toward action will pay for itself over and over.

A good website designer should be able to take a framework of what is important to you and your customers and help you generate meaningful content and actionable pathways through the website to achieve your goals.  Obviously, the best website design combines both great content with modern graphics and design to convey your marketing message, advance your brand identity and achieve your online goals.

Every Element of a Website has a Purpose

A good website designer should be able to convey to you why every word  or graphic is on a web page.  There is a lot of psychology and marketing knowledge necessary to create an effective website.  Knowing the natural tendencies of visitors and how their eyes move through elements of the website is essential in guiding them to the most important message you are trying to convey and helping them to navigate to the information they are hunting.

There is as much science as there is art to a great website and your designer should be able to embrace both to achieve your goals.

Website Designer Should Be a Marketing Partner

At Hookset Media, we take a business first approach to website design.  We take our extensive business experience and marry it to over a decade of website design and development to partner with our clients to produce a striking website that delivers no only on looks, but effective achievement of business and marketing goals.  We strive to understand your branding and business model and produce a website that truly reflects your marketing message and business purpose.

We understand what it takes to make you an effective website.  Contact Hookset Media to get started on a great website.