Things to Know When You Hire a Website Design Firm

Virtually every day, we talk to potential clients that have had bad website design experiences.  They have been over promised and under delivered or got locked in to hidden expenses.  Here are a few problems that we have noticed

  • You don’t own your domain name.
  • You don’t own your website.
  • You are required to use expensive website hosting.
  • You are locked in to an expensive website maintenance agreement.

These are gotcha areas that we see repeated over and over in the website design industry.  Many design firms try to take their clients captive by controlling their domain name, “renting” a website design or forcing them to use overpriced website hosting.

You may be offered a low cost or even “free website” just to find out that you are forced to pay a large monthly hosting and maintenance fee.  The designer retains all rights to the domain name ( and the design of the website.  If you want to quit using their services, you have to start all over with a new domain name and website design or pay a large sum to buy it from then again.

At Hookset Media, we help you own your domain name, offer website hosting options or work with a web host of your choosing, and at the end of the design process you own the final design to move or change any time you want.  We believe that our service is good enough that our customers will stay with us because they are happy with the product and our service, not because we have locked them in financially!

Let us help you avoid the traps .  Contact Hookset Media to get your new website project started on the right foot!