Website Maintenance and Updating

A common misconception is that owning a website is a one and done expense. The reality is that just like everything else in life, time changes things.  When it comes to a website, some of the things that change can include:

  • Business focus changes and you need to change your marketing message
  • Business expands and you need to emphasize new products or services
  • Business changes and you need to remove old products, people or services
  • Technology changes and your website becomes dated or obsolete
  • New hacker vulnerabilities are exposed and website security measures need to be implemented

Hookset Media offers website and maintenance programs to help your website stay current and relative.  Our website maintenance and updating services include:

  • Periodic consultation and assistance on an as needed hourly basis
  • Maintenance programs billed monthly or annually for website monitoring and maintenance

To request more information about a Hookset Media Website Maintenance and Updating Program for your business, visit our Contact page.